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Fertilization & Weed Control Program

March - November

This program offers 5 timely applications. Each application contains the proper amount of pre-emergent weed control & fertilization to keep your lawn green & beautiful.

Bush Trimming

Service includes trimming of hedges & shrubs. Cleaning out all areas & hauling away all debris.

Leaf Clean Up

Spring & Fall

Service includes blowing out all debris from landscaping areas, vacuuming entire lawn, blowing off sidewalk & driveway areas & hauling away all debris.

Power Raking

A deep raking of old thatch & dead grass. Vacuuming entire lawn & hauling away all debris.

Slit Seeding

Slit seeding actually plants new seed into the soil without stripping the existing sod. Price includes cost of seed.

Premium Dirt / Hardwood Mulch

Pick-up or delivery available. Sold by the yard & installation also available.

Snow Removal


Driveway is cleared off after 2" has fallen.

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Lawn Mowing

Mowing lawn in a professional striping manner with the direction changed from week to week. Trimming around all landscaping and blowing off driveway and sidewalks. Bagging is available for additional cost.


Sidewalk Edging

Service includes edging around sidewalk & driveway areas and hauling away all debris.


One of the most important practices available. Reduces thatch buildup, improves the infiltration of water & nutrients and encourages deeper roots.

Irrigation System Installation & Maintenance


Priced based on number of zones installed and size of lawn.

Irrigation System Turn On & Shut Down


Turn on starting in April and shut down & blow out starting in late October.

Landscape Rock & Gravel

Pick-up or delivery available. Delivered in convenient sized loads of 5 tons & up. Can be spread of additional charge.

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