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Fertilizer & Weed Control Program

Application One - Fertilizer & Pre-Emergent

Applied March 1 - April 15. Weather has to be mild. For early green up and pre-emergent to prevent crabtree grass.


Application Two - Fertilizer & Weed Control

Applied April 15 - June 1. Weather has to be consistently 65°.  Liquid application to control broadleaf weeds (please remember we CANNOT control weeds until the temperature is consistently  65° and when the temperature is appropriate we will apply this application ASAP).


Application Three - Summer Fertilizer

Applied June 1 - July 15. Weather has to be mild, cannot be hot. Slow release granular fertilizer spread is applied, to keep deep green color.


Application Four - Fertilizer & Weed Control

Applied July 15 - August 25. Weather cannot be over 90-95°. Please Note: If weather remains hot at this time, this application will be skipped. This application is to control weeds and keep lawn a deep green color.


Application Five - Fertilizer & Winterizer

Applied October 1 - November 15. Weather is not a factor for this application. This is a granular fertilizer to protect grass from winter stress.

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